Profile: Lewy Dalyricist rapper from Rustenburg

12249599_693821607386052_6531370735854722491_nLiwis Nyirenda also known by his stage name, Lewy Dalyricist, is a rapper/producer from South Africa. He is the C.E.O and Founder of the music group Rustyville Records. He uses words and music to inspire the youth and every music lover as a whole. He was featured on the international COAST TO COAST MIXTAPE hosted by KIRKO BANGS(USA) in 2014.

He has been on MAFISA fm, VILLAGE fm and other local radio stations and recently appeared on SHIZNIZ on Etv. He was lucky enough in 2016 to share a stage with JAY MAKOPO at the CASSPER NYOVEST #FILLUPORLANDO.

He hosted his own show at the RUSTENBURG INFORMATION CENTRE to promote the release of his LIMITLESS EP in 2015, has performed in almost half of the cities in the country, was also nominated for best local hip hop in Rustenburg in the PLATINUM YOUTH AWARDS in 2015.


Watch his videos here:

Living the Moment music video:

Motivated music video:


TWITTER HANDLE: @lewydalyricist


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Profile: Soweto Kwaito Sensation “Styzin”

Israel Mahlatsi Rakoma, known to his fans as ‘STYZIN’ is one of South African’s most inspiring artist,producer and live performer the world has ever come across. Despite having been persistently branded as eccentric  for much of his career, STYZIN has continued to develop his whimsical repertoire, deepen his surreal catalog, and expand his devoted audience beyond the boundaries of cult stature.


Starting his career in Soweto, Southern African ,STYZIN has been compared to such other African music figures as BoogaLuv, Bricks, MDU and Tokollo, specifically because of his versatility in writing, composing and live performance style, though his production/composition bears shades of Spikiri and The LB. Switching gears early to front STYZIN as a solo artist/producer , an artist specializing in melodic, chiming jangle percussions and native African sounds (Ncoba Album remains a classic offering by STYZIN), Prior to fronting his solo act, STYZIN has already achieved 3 top charting singles that saw him signing his first synchronization deal with a T.V drama called “INTER SECTION” which broadcasted nationally on one of the biggest commercial T.V networks known as S.A.B.C .

STYZIN PHOTO 2TSEPE TSA BONA (2010) confirmed his reputation as an oddball thanks to his amazing writing skills and his sensational vocal performance, among others. The incredible I PANTSULA (2011) followed, as did the all-acoustic LOVA Ep (2012). By 2013, STYZIN ‘s unpredictable musical ability , saw him achieving his debut studio album immediately after signing a record deal with one of the fastest growing independent record label famously known as LB Recordings, which was founded by his close friend, engineer and executive producer known as The LB.  .

Upon releasing the first studio album( NCOBA), STYZIN has been blessed with a number of things, primarily his debut music video for his hit single titled “TSEPE TSA BONA”, selling over 5000 copies (from the boot of a car), digital distribution of the album on world wide online platforms like ITUNE, AMAZON, E-MUSIC and more, sharing stage with some of African top acts like BRICKS ,K.B, KHULI CHANA, CASSPER NYOVEST, DAVIDO, D’BANJ just to name a few, he has collaborated with both local and international artists like SkroofNoJive, NDUKUMAN, Jay-Popular, Wayne Cooper and many more.

STYZIN is currently in studio working on his second album, in which he decided to again partner with one of the best African producer and long time friend famously known as THE LB to exclusively handle the entire production department of the album. The official release and title of the album is yet to be confirmed.

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Twitter: @styzin1852


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The next kwaito era belongs to a female artist from Durban

Ndisoh Tamatiso (23) also known as Mandisa Charlene Mazibuko grew up in the dusty streets of Durban Lamontville.

Ndisoh Tamatiso Pic 1

After high school she pursued a career in the music industry as a Kwaito artist this surprised a lot of people as her appearance looked like she would rap she got on stage and surprised a lot of people. She has shared the stage with Oskido, Black Motion, Blackcoffee, Durban finest Dj’s, Deejay Sox, Emza and many others.

She was working under a record company in Pietermaritzburg, which gave her a platform to build her profile unfortunately the company didn’t succeed, she moved back to Durban to continue her studies on Public Management after completing her Diploma she went back to studio and worked with talented producers around the country.

She released her single “NOXOLO” Produced by Mdu Cele (Rize Entertainment JHB) which received a lot of attention and was buzzing in social media networks in a few days with more than 1000+Downloads on datafilehost.  This is only the beginning for her career, she believes that the industry has been awaiting for such unique talent, the music industry has space for her as a kwaito artist from Durban.

Listen to the “Noxolo” single here:

Twitter –                     @NdisohTamatiso

Facebook –                  Ndisoh Tamatiso Mazibuko

Ndisoh Tamatiso Mazibuko II

Download Link –

Profile: Shack Empire, Hip hop music group from Johannesburg

Shack Empire is amusic group situated in the south of Johannesburg formed in the surroundings of a humbling shack which many, if not all the members of the empire call it their second home.

DSC_0119-2Shack Empire was formed in 2013 originally as a hip-hop movement by a group of individual and independent artists, working with each other to grow each other. The Empire works on running the entertainment business as a whole venturing in all posts in the entertainment business. Though it may have started as hip hop movement, today it has members who tackle other genres such as EDM and Reggae to name a few.

Shack Empire is now a registered company. The empire is currently working on a 1st compilation which will show listeners what every member is about. With songs like iNkomazi and 17:10(10 past 5), the future sounds bright for this upcoming group of talents.

You can watch their videos here

Contact details:

Manager: Nonkazimulo Masikane

Email address:

Cell: +27 84 058 1626

Alternative: Lindinkosi Sleek b

Email address:

Cell phone: 0611910682

For bookings:

Song downloads:

Social Networks:

Facebook: Shack Empire

Twitter: @shackempiresa

For more info on Ghetto Wear Apparel: or

Open letter to AKA and Cassper Nyovest by Harold Moyo


As a hip hop fan and someone who understands the power hip hop culture has in our society and young people I gave myself liberty to write this to you.


Firstly I would like to tell you that I respect your work ethics, strategies, consistency, boldness, perfection and faith in yourself. You have shown and it doesn’t need to be proven that you are the greatest hip hop artist to come out of Southern, East and North Africa to date. There are guys we respect and who embody great elements of hip hop like Proverb, Tumi, Pro Mkhize and HHP who did well and continued to help build a foundation for SA hip hop but you took it to another level. It’s no secret that you have chess moves and you have a vision for your music of which many hip hop artist lack and that’s commendable. I remember meeting you at the SA Hip Hop Awards nominees announcement ceremony two years back and you told me how you wanted to get into Africa more and conquer it before you try and rush to America or the UK which was not your focus. Now as we speak you’ve been to most parts of Africa, USA and UK which is something many people can learn from.

Be faithful with what you are given and work the ground you have until it’s too small for you and bigger opportunities come your way. What our young people from SA and Africa can’t learn from you AKA is your passion to fight with artists and coming out as rude to the public! I know you have loyal fans of which I was one of the people who bought your albums and I hadn’t purchased any mainstream hip hop album in almost a decade, this album was suppose to be past platinum by now. I know you might say you don’t care but many people want to support you and buy your albums but whenever I have hip hop conversations many say your attitude suck. The businessman that you are should know what builds and what damages his brand. You are on the right track but you should be doing Zahara and mam Brenda Fassie sales. Stop beefing with artists and fans, ignore those who hate you for the sake of hating you. You are going far, you are only on album no 2, you can be celebrated even better by this nation but fix yourself.

Cassper Nyovest

Young lion, a success story every child from the hood can relate to and feel encouraged by. Dude you are on your first album but you made waves with two singles and went platinum in eight months which is a milestone in SA hip hop. I would like to applaud you for not giving up on your dreams and also continuing to push boundaries which have been set for SA Hip Hop by the industry. You have won people’s hearts and the industry has shown that they have your back and that’s a blessing. These are the issues I have with you. Stop playing the victim card all the time. – the industry has supported you. – Ignore AKA and do honour him for who he is in the industry. Now that you say you believe in God and you post scripture on your timeline and say God is good more often, more is expected of you. – Your humility shouldn’t be questioned by your contradictions. – Stop subtly inciting beef, whether it’s you boasting about how much you earn (Which is not Christ like) or you saying you are biggest Motswako artist ever when someone mentioned Khuli, HHP and Tuks (where is the humility?) – If you want to emulate Christ and for the world to take your faith seriously then you better get your game up bro.

I know Jesus loves you the way you are but I’m talking to a Christian so I can be as real as I can be so people won’t think Christianity is a joke. – I would like you to invest time in growing as a Christian and understand the true meaning of Christianity. – God is good yes but he has beef with crude Language or treating His daughters like whores in your music. – He has beef with you making money a god and boasting about it. – He has beef with a lot of things we think its okay to do but He is a MERCIFUL God and He wants you to use your platform wisely. I’m not saying I’m perfect, no one is. But continue to inspire our youth and start desiring God truthfully and stop beefing with any man and most important God.

All love

Harold Moyo


Music Video Premier: Delta the Leo releases her “Zaga” Music Video featuring Ash Muzik.

Delta The Leo is a very talented young, Limpopo born female Emcee who is proud of her roots. She is a young, vibrant all round entertainer. Not only is she a Two Time World Champion dancer but she is a talented rapper, singer and lyricist with an extensive resume.

Double TakeShe has released a single “Zaga” which is available on iTunes and has featured on the hit TV show Ayeye. She’s also been featured in a number of publications to date. More recently, Delta The Leo premiered her music video for her single at a launch at Monte Casino and has appeared on Planetradiotv which broadcasts to North Africa.

Watch the Music Video here:

Profile: Sowetan Kasi-Rap Pioneer Taolo “K4″‘s biography and upcoming album.

South African born and Soweto bred; K4 is a talented musician who practices the skill of rhyming in vernacular rap called “Kasirap”. Kasirap encompasses various elements from various backgrounds, it involves street talk and highly influential messages in Zulu, English and other languages, yet with a largely comprehended lingo, K4 brings a different flavour & sound not only to this type of music but also to the hip-hop scene. One of K4’s objectives is to encourage & inspire international appeal into South African music broadly.


K4 might be new to the industry but he is definitely not new to hip-hop, he has released 2 mix tapes for performances and internet use only. K4 has an up & coming album coming out this year.

K4’s 1st mix tape offering titled “Music, Pain & Success was released in late 2012; now on this project he brings a distinctive sound and formula. The concept is about to bring back the show, the energy, creativity, stage, lights and quality performance that is out of the ordinary. The project had already received a positive reception locally & via downloads on multiple internet sites. His 2nd offering titled “IMPETHA” also had a massive response plus his 1st single titled “IKASI LAMI” with “JABAVU BOYZ, CHERRILANE & SCASHO” had already been dominating the air waves on SOWETOTV CHANNEL 251 on Dstv [STREET RADIO & KASIVIBE].

He has worked with a lot of multi-talented known and unknown artists & producers in Soweto, Roodepoort & Kagiso the likes of TIMZAPRO, FACE, KINGVERTICE, G-MAX, TONA 12DEGREEZ, SPEEKA & TRAE J. WATTS just to name a few.

K4’s 2 singles from both mix tapes titled “TOWNSHIP LEGACY” & “IKASI LAMI” have videos on YouTube.

K4 is a multi-talented musician with an ability to play instruments like bass guitar, lead guitar & a double bass.


  • K4’s real name is Jeremiah Neggie Nkotsi also known as “TAOLO” by his Setswana name given by his grandmother.
  • He got his aka “K4” from his peers calling by all the names that could describe a guy with a big head namely [KOP, MAKHANDA ,JOMO & SKOPO] and then as creative as he is “K4” is an abbreviation of “KING KOP KHANDA KHULU” rather.
  • K4 owns and runs a record company & an organization for youth social development structures in Jabavu.
  • K4 is an ambassador of Jabavu Youth Development Structures, campaigns & Projects [ARTS & CULTURE]
  • K4’s favourite local artists are KO, PRO, SIYA SHEZI & KWESTA.
  • Before releasing his 2nd tape he was rejected by 2 record labels & ever since K4 has always been an in depended multitalented artist.
  • The biggest highlight of K4’s career was when his 1st single from his 2nd tape “IKASI LAMI” got massive airplay on Soweto TV channel 251 it was on the #1 spot for 2 weeks on Street Radio and Kasi Vibe.
  • K4 studied popular music & jazz at South Western Gauteng College at Dobsenville Manu the later transferred to George Tabor in Dube for a national diploma of 4years which he couldn’t finish due to financial difficulties after his fathers death. [2003-2007]
  • K4 is one of the so called kasirap pioneers following the likes of PRO, F-EAZY, SIYA SHEZI, DEEP SOWETO & MASEVEN just to name a few.
  • K4 worked with Dj Ohza [KALAWA JAZZMEE], DRENCKO a former Ghetto Ruff recording artist & Menzi [H2O] of the “It’s wonderful” sensation.
  • K4 would like to work & collaborate with BIRDMAN, because he once gave a solid advice to up & coming artists he quotes: Artists should start making studios their streets, rather than standing on the corners all day & wasting productive time.
  • K4 was a guest & a participant on CULA S’BONE show on mzansi magic.
  • K4 dropped 2 mixtapes both accompanied by videos.
  • K4 will be dropping an album this year titled “MY TESTIMONY”.
  • If K4 was not a musician he would be a music teacher or a journalist.

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Download his music here: or or

Music Video Premier: New music video by Robin ThirdFloor “Confessions” from Durban

Born in the city of Durban, South Africa Robin Thirdfloor fuses mellow alternative beats with his jovial energetic flows which include the uses of both English and his native tongue isiZulu. He recently released a music video from the single “Confessions” taken from his “Sounds Empty Pockets Make” EP, you can watch it here.

For more information you can follow him on twitter @robinthirdfloor and also like his facebook page Robin Thirdfloor
 Get his latest EP here: Sounds Empty Pockets Make EP

D-Man releases Single prior upcoming album

Dennis “D-Man” Nhlapo , an artist from a small town called Balfour .has just completed his Ep “Blue September” which is planned to be dropped at the end of this Month.

D-Man x Philsner - Freedom Cover ArtHe recently released his 2nd single from the Ep. The name of
the track is “Freedom” which features Philsner and was released on the
11th of February 2015. Its a song that speaks to the youth and they are planning on
shooting a video for the track.

Here is the free download link to the track  >

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Written by Max Solomon

After many years of listening to local underground artists such as Mr Douw, Rheebongs, Buntu Jobela, Vegita, Dangatye, Simphiwe Kasi Rap, King K Bone, Catalyst, Simbone, Dj Gibbz, Earl and Agemi etc… I’ve noticed that most artists get a large fanbase in their respective townships and think that they’ve made it, whilst they’ve not.

So in this article I just want to pin point the mistakes that artists make, the ones that make them not to SELL or Break into the mainstream industry.

Mic Test

The road to stardom is long, filled with potholes. Things are all fun and games when you’re practicing in a garage and doing tiny gigs…. but if your career starts to take off, you need to watch out!

1 – Skipping Gigs

Last year I organised an event in my hometown and tried to invite local acts from surrounding towns, but the guys from that town didn’t pitch for the event, even after paying them upfront.

So do  you want to propel your career in the music business?                                                                     Become known among promoters as a flaky act. Miss more than a couple gigs without literal acts of god as an excuse, and you’re likely to get blacklisted among any decent gigs in your area.

Professionalism on the business side is probably the single MOST important skill for an act to cultivate. Whatever else happens, the show must go on.

2 – Feuds with other Artists

Now, there are feuds and there are “feuds”, If you wanna do the pro – wrestling thing and have some good-natured trash-talk on Twitter like Cassper Nyovest and AKA, that’s one thing. However, never let it become, and be willing to apologise first if feelings get hurt.

By and large, you’ll get much further in the business making friends with other artists rather than making enemies.

3 – Staying At Home

Don’t think for a moment that because you’ve got a couple of downloads on the internet means that live shows are a thing of the past. If anything, demand is only going to grow for live music specifically because pre-packaged stuff is easily-available. Plus, most of the most profitable artists in history are known far more for their live shows than their albums e.g. Lecrae (Two time Grammy winner)

So in closing, What are some of the biggest mistakes you’ve seen a hot new artist make? Let us discuss this on this thread and try to help our artists make informed decisions when it comes to their music career.

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