Music Video Premiere: Igwegweleza by Nico Kuna

This is the latest installment by House DJ Artist Nico Kuna, under the record label “Sibahle Music” enjoy his latest music video #Igwegweleza




16 Bars Challenge is back #KMM16

Attention to ALL rappers from anywhere in Africa, we are bringing you the latest contest known as the #KMM16 (Kasi Music Magazine 16 Bars Challenge) we are proud to announce that this year’s event is proudly brought to you by the Frunt Runnaz Movement.

The prize money for this year’s event will be R2000 in total that is an equivalent of US$150 the first prize will be R1000, the 2nd prize winner will receive R700 and the third prize winner will get R300 in prize money.

To enter:

  1. Download the beats provided below and CHOOSE ANY ONE of these beats
  2. Record Your Vocals on the beat and then do a video of yourself using the track, it doesn’t matter what you use for the video, it can be your cellphone or anything that you can use to record your video.
  3. Submit your video ONLY at this e-mail the subject must be: KMM16 Bars Challenge when sending the video.
  4. We will then upload the video on our Youtube Channel and share it across our social platforms once, then the rest of the marketing for your video will remain solely upon you. You can share your link as many times as you want BUT DON’T FORGET TO WRITE THE HASHTAG #KMM16 when sharing your video with the link we would have provided to you.
  5. The video with the most views on our Youtube channel will be the winner.

Winners will be announced on the 30th of June 2017. Please make sure when you send us the video you include your social network links so that we might tag you once we’ve uploaded your video.

Here are the Beats:

Beat 1

Beat 2

Beat 3

Beat 4

Beat 5

Good Luck to every participant, if you have questions feel free to interact with Max on whatsapp 072 272 1595 or on our Facebook page Kasi Music Magazine.

Limpopo Hottest DJz Destructive Twins Release Single

Limpopo based house music group Destructive Twins (Kgaugelo & Thapelo) have released their most anticipated single titled #Thandaza which is more like a tribute song to the Muvhango Actor Thandaza.


In this track the twins have brought in Malawian sensation Don Kalonga, this is a great house track to vibe with, the quality is on another level, and I am sure house music fans would enjoy this crispy fresh single from the Twins:

Stream and Download the single on our SoundCloud page:

Follow the Destructive Twins on your favourite social networks.

Facebook: distructive twinsSA
Facebook page:distructive_twins

Profile: Zimbabwean rapper Shonaman


The Zimbabwean born rapper known as Shona man hails from Gutu, Zimbabwe now residing in South Africa since 2012. Clearly a talented minister, his first music video was nominated for best music video of the year by LIMHOP awards in 2015, while in secondary school Shona man began his music career by doing cyphers during class breaks with fellow high schoolmates which led to the development of his stage name Shonaman since he was in South Africa and rapping in Shona.


He cites his main influencers in hip-hop are artists like Eminem, Lil’ Wayne, Frank Edwards. He honed his skills as a rapper by getting invitations in different events area his area in Limpopo, claiming his first victory on his very first attempt at I am women foundation 1st anniversary.

He believes change begins with one and spread to the rest , he says “my main aim is to make music that will leave footsteps even to the next generation, providing enjoyment to the mass and at the same time bringing hope, joy and peace to the lives of people through my music.One of my key objectives is to maintain a high profile and to continue to maintain a strong relationship with other core members”.

Stream and buy Shonaman latest track #HouseOfTheLord



Follow him on twitter @shonaman_ppa


Lmass #ShutItDown Single release

It is that time of the year when everyone is out to get some love in their life. Lmass, comes through with a smooth and love centered song titled “Shut It Down”. With the aim of experimenting with all genres, he released his debut EP “A” which has a sound contrary to that of Shut It Down.
Shut It Down is an urban blend of Rnb, synonymous to new age hip hop, it is filtered with synthesizers and a catchy lead that is looped from start to end. Through its smooth, enchanting and captivating lyrics, concerning a girl who is a knockout on account of her beauty, confidence, demeanor and charm, the song has a melody enriched with 808’s and a drum line which caters for a club scene.
The base filled mellow beat, dance feel sound and gracious vocals of the song evokes feel good vibes. This track promises to speak for all the guys who are clueless about how to approach their loved one. On the musical side, it promises to be another hit sensation from Durban.

twitter : @Lmass_SA

Blazey Fresh Releases new HOTT single #Dlala

Scrapyard rapper Blazey Fresh from Moletji village in Limpopo drops his first single for 2017 titled #Dlala#. Dlala which is translates to ‘play’ in English from Zulu promises to set the pace for the new-year with its new sounds and dancefloor beats. The fresh and sleek rapper with model looks brings a new and untapped into sound to the mix which presents a fusion of modern hip hop and house music combined to give birth to something new and different, giving the listener a fresh, unique and homebrewed “Scrapyard sound. Stream the track below.

Blazey Fresh, whose real name is Sello Moloto is now looking to take his music career to new heights and enter the mainstream market to make a solid impact and tread on new unexplored grounds. Having shared stages with some of S.A’s music heavyweights such as Major League, Big Nuz, Black Coffee, Oskido, Prince Kaybee, Mafikizolo and many more, he is more than ready to soar in 2017 and put Limpopo on the map through his single #Dlala which is anticipated to do just the trick in giving him those wings! You can expect an explosive sound from his latest offering for sure.
Apart from spending time on his music career and being a retail manager, Sello is also an aspirant fashion lover who is dedicating a piece of himself to his fashion brand label called “Blazey Fresh”. To round it all up Blazey hints, ‘the aim is to develop and brand the Blazey Fresh persona into one of South Africa’s household names and turn it into a tangible international corporate brand that surpasses the norm’.
Dlala will definitely get you in the fast lane after the festive season that rendered most exhausted!
Social Media:
Facebook. – @Blazey Fresh
Twitter – @blazeyfreshSA
Instagram – @Blazey Fresh
Soundcloud Link:

Profile: The multi-talented Bulinki the Tailor

Known for his extra ordinary voice “Bulinki” is a Multi-disciplinary artist and aspiring
businessman, who was born and bred in the streets of Namakgale, Phalaborwa within
the Limpopo Province.

2016-07-02 17.39.22.jpgBulinki is a talented singer, songwriter, producer, composer, fashion designer and rapper. Fondly known to his audience as
Bulinki The Tailor, he is a young artist with a distinct husky but soothing voice, that
gives a rich sound to his music.

He recently released his debut EP project
BLACKLIPS TAPE with the smash hit A RE FIHLA featuring Pretoria-based MC Mloper. The song air-played live on various radio stations and gained popularity, although it was just a teaser from his catalogue of upcoming hits.

Listen to “A RE Fihla by Bulinki”

The Tailor is also a founder of the aspiring record label TAILOP MUSIC, which seeks to provide fellow Limpopo artists a platform to showcase their skills. Bulinki, as well as long-term confidant/manager Joshua Chauke, have both been involved in the organizing of the newly formed social market, THE STREET MARKET PHALABORWA™“SMP” that promotes multi-faceted artwork in photography, painting, beading, music, fashion, craft work, among the youth.

The events hosted by The Street Market movement, are developed by a young intercultural crew who pursue art as a tool of improving their communities, social standing and themselves as individuals.

Bulinki recently delivered a highly captivating performance at a Phalaborwa event which definitely left the audience in awe. From humble beginnings, this musician is tailoring the path for ALL Limpopo youth towards a crime- and drug-free, brighter future.
Major Performances
1. VIP Magazine launch (University of Limpopo, 2016)
2. Miss Mopani 2016 (Namakgale, 2016)
3. Freedom Madness Weekend (Mpumalanga, 2016)
4. State theatre weekly sessions (Johannesburg, 2015)
5. ANC Rally (Seshego, 2014)
6. LA Crushers 25th anniversary (Phalaborwa, 2014)
Major Collaborations
1. Charmza De DJ
2. Mloper
3. Vic Mash
4. Mopedy
5. Mlazah
Contact Details

Trevor Bulinki Mangena

078 536 1391

Joshua Chauke
 072 045 9977

BlaqVerse Response to TheBlacksmithed/LonzTooToned

There is beef between Blaqverse and LonzTooStoned/TheBlacksmithed which resulted in the following to be posted.

Article by TheBlacksmithed:

Blaqverse’s response:

Blaqverse decided not to complete the whole story on the genius lyrics as he intends that people who have knowledge of what transpired to add their perspective.

Please find the link to Blaqverse’s diss video to TheBlacksmithed and LonzTooStoned.

YouTube Link:

The video consists of shots taken in 2013 and compiled to make the video. The video is at the intended quality and editing.

The video is meant to be rough around the edges and is used to send a message to TheBlacksmithed and LonzTooStoned.

Here is the story.

TheBlacksmithed released a beat tape in May titled “Sounds From The East” and I contacted them asking if I can continue with the concept of the beat tape, being it that only Eastern Cape producers were on it, and I was gonna make a tape with only Eastern Cape rappers. They agreed and I told them I’m gonna name it “Voices From The East” to show that it’s a continuation of their project just at a rappers angle. As they agreed I started marketing the project online and altered the cover art they had used so that people are aware that it’s a continuation of the same project.

One close associate of theirs told me that they saw that I had used their cover art and said that they didn’t have much of a problem but say that I should have communicated with them to use it but otherwise I may proceed. So I continued marketing and trying to communicate with every producer on the “Sounds From The East” tape to get a feel of where they wanted their each beat to be directed.

During this time TheBlacksmithed used the close associate of theirs to communicate to me that the is a beat that they would like me to rap on and possibly include in the tape I was gonna make. I gladly took the opportunity and proceeded to work on it.

I then communicated with LonzTooStoned about his beat on the tape but as soon as I mentioned beats to him he thought I was talking about a beat tape that he had recently made and TheBlacksmithed uploaded on their site by mistake. LonzTooStoned started going at me for using his beats without his consent typing in capital letters and all but when I tried to explain that it’s a beat from the beat tape he released for free with TheBlacksmithed he got more confused and thought I was still referring to his individual beat tape. Out of frustration of him not giving me an opportunity to explain I told him off which is seen in the screenshot he posted.

After that I sent the track that they had given me specially to do because they had asked me to release it earlier so they could gauge the overall quality of the tape. After that they told me that they have a problem with me using their cover art and that I should change it so I told them no problem I understand and told them I will also change the name of the tape to “Voices From The Beast” and we all were happy about it and I even showed them new cover art and they said they liked it.

I then won I competition I entered called #OMGWAP talent search by Old Mutual and was picked as the top three, the only one from the Eastern Cape. Three hours after it was announced that I was picked then the article appears accusing me of theft. Mind you TheBlacksmithed follows every artist in the Eastern Cape so they learnt of my winnings immediately.

The articles deepest accusation is that I wanted to sell the tape to people and they based that on a poster I made for my launch of the tape where I had written: “First 20 will get free CD copy”. I had made the hard copies for free distribution at the event and never intended to sell my debut mixtape. I mean who would buy a tape of an artist they barely know.

In the article they talk about influence and being ” put on” which to me suggest some foul play and targeting on their part. They went on to send me an email saying that I must apologies to LonzTooStoned and to the Eastern Cape hip hop community or they will proceed to block me from engaging with them and not put me on their site or my music. I told them that I feel that they are biased and that they published the article without consulting me which shows how unfair it was for me. They then removed all my music on their site and didn’t wait for me to apologies.

I feel that the is more than just me using their cover art, telling LonzTooStoned off and supposedly selling the tape. I mean TheBlacksmithed is a media site and they are supposed to stay impartial but they got themselves immensely involved in the dispute between me and LonzTooStoned and went on to pick sides instead of reporting the issue.

Rising House DJ from Rustenburg (DJ Botshelo Moate)

DJ & Producer Botshelo Moate was born on 04 April 1992, in Kanana. He developed an interest in music during his youth. Starting his career as a DJ covering various styles and genres with a focus on Deep,Soulful & Tech House.

Botshelo Moate began creating his own hybrid of Deep, Soulful & Tech sound that fits well in Clubs & Festivals as it does on Dance Floors.

With EP’s Released on Hauz Records, Dejavoo Records, Manyoma Records, Dewing Records & 2B Records. Botshelo Moate is a diverse House Music Producer, With collaboration’s including some of the influential people Ranking among the top on charts as Itunes, Beatport & Traxsource.

Botshelo Moate still continues to evolve a unique voice in Deep,Tech,Soulful & Dance Music with his complexity & depth

Download his latest mix down here:

ECMAS Cancellation: Official Statement

The Eastern Cape Music Awards team, have released an official statement citing the cancellation of the 2016 Award ceremony: Read the full statement below.

After lots of consultations between ECMAS Team, Sponsors, Funders and some Participants we all agreed that the timing of the Awards was not right therefore we must cancel them until further notice. The new date will be announced shortly. The date of the ECMAS was the 10the of December 2016. All those who have bought the tickets will be refunded but the same tickets are still valid for the new date to be announced soon for those who do not want refund. The nominees and the votes are not going to change and are still valid for the date to be announced soon.

We apologize for any inconvenience and we are very sorry for everything.

“” We wish you a Good Christmas and a Prosperous New Year “”